Hairline 헤어라인

K-Natural Hairline Embroidery

“Did you know that pulling your hair into a tight bun or ponytail regularly can lead to a receding hairline?” Do not get despair, with Semi-Permanent Makeup Hairline, you can regain back your confidence by filling the irregular hairline to realign irregular shapes and naturally fills the empty spaces to create a more youthful look!

KO BROWS K-Natural Hairline Embroidery adopts a natural technique to enhance your looks and regain back your lost confidence with our exclusive designs of Natural Volume hairline and Natural Customized Design Hairline.

Wish to achieve a more youthful and fuller hairline? Contact us for more information or share with us your preference! Book a complimentary consultation with us!


Consultation >Finalize Design and Anesthesia> Treatment> Second Anesthesia>Design Correction>Treatment >Complete

Estimated Time

120 minutes

*Treatment might exceed the estimated time depending on individual treatment preferences